“will (s)he love you like i loved you, will (s)he tell you everyday? will (s)he make you feel like you’re invincible with every word (s)he’ll say? can you promise me if this was right, don’t throw it all away. can you do all these things, will you do all these things, like we used to?” 

like we used to // a rocket to the moon

was it me? was it you? where did we go wrong?

why did you stop talking to me out of a sudden? did you find someone better? is your life better now that I’m no longer in it?

two months. that was how long (or should i say, how short) we spent together. roof top adventures, laughing about the smallest things, buying random drinks from the supermarket, sharing our deepest secrets with each other, exploring new places, the brief eye contacts we made while working and eating our 1 for 1 ice cream during break. i (used to) think of you everyday. even after we stopped talking, i still look(ed) at the photographs we took together. how do i stop reminiscing about something (our somewhat special friendship) that no longer exists? I still miss you once in awhile, it still hurts sometimes, but I’m trying and I’m recovering from the loss, the piece of my heart that you took with you when you left.

so here’s a thank you note for you.

thank you for leaving when you said you wouldn’t. thank you for not being there for me when i needed you. thank you for piecing me together then breaking me apart again. thank you for sweeping me off my feet but not catching me when i fell. thank you for all the promises you made but did not keep. thank you for all the sleepless nights. thank you for every single fight. thank you for not keeping your word. thank you for allowing me to realise how stupid i was to mope over you for weeks, i now see that you’re not everything i need. thank you for not being in my life anymore, i can now learn to stand on my own two feet. thank you for being my greatest mistake. i forgive you but i won’t forget you; i won’t forget what you’ve done to me. thank you for teaching me that people always leave no matter how many times they said they wouldn’t. thank you for everything.


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