when you left

when you left, it was as if someone took my heart and ripped it out, i really couldn’t do anything except sit around and pout. i knew that no amount of apologies could bring you back, i guess i have just got to adapt.

when you left, it felt like the flowers that you planted in my heart drowned from the downpour; and it hasn’t stopped raining yet. i have so many words left unsaid.

when you left, you did not even bother saying goodbye, or explaining why. i wondered for days whether i did something wrong or maybe we just couldn’t get along. i guess i’ll never know the reason why you left.

when you left, everything became sadder, places that i’ve been to with you became darker. i thought you were different; i thought wrong.

when you left, i locked and enclosed my heart with chains. i don’t know when will i ever open it up again.


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