the things you should tell them

tell them about the time you stood at the bus stop reminiscing about all the times you walked him home until that day he boarded the bus and never came back

tell them about the black coat hanging behind your door and every night when you close it you think it is his silhouette

tell them about how the stars in the night sky remind you of how his eyes shone when he was with you but now they shine for another girl

tell them why every time someone mentions the word “promise”, you are unable to breathe for a full five seconds

tell them why you don’t bother closing the windows when it rains because every day feels like a downpour anyway

tell them about the last time you said “i miss you”, how it sounded more like a plea for him to stay

tell them you already knew from the moment he told you he was too busy and all the other excuses he gave

tell them why your garden only has weeds and no flowers, since they all withered after he left and you didn’t have strength to pull out the unwanted growth

tell them the reason why your parents never approved of him, they obviously knew the conclusion of the story before it first started

tell them what hurts most, is it the lingering feeling of his lips on your skin?
or the burning of your throat every time you spit out his name like venom?

tell them the reason why you pretended you lost his sweater is because you just wanted something to remember him by

tell them how the two of you were very much in love, and how you didn’t want it all to end, but it still did


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