ethereal epiphany

tinted windows with warm light seeping through the jagged cracks below each window pane. soft evening glow is reflected by the hues of the setting sun. the flash goes off, capturing the simplicity of the moment. you are typing furiously away at your laptop. pausing for a bit, you glance up and we lock eyes. smiling warmly, with your eyes getting all crescent shaped and crinkly, you questioned me,
“did you just snap a photo of me?”
“am i not allowed to?”
you grin, flashing the briefest of teeth. you stand up and stride towards me, crossing the room in three steps. i am immediately enveloped in a warm hug. chuckling, my voice is muffled by your chest as i asked,
“don’t you have work to complete?”
“yeah, but i miss you”
that was the moment i knew.
that you could become homesick for a person too.

if a home is where people belong, then right in your arms is where i am home.


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