i remember the moment this photo was taken. furiously snapping away, i was awestruck by the sunset. it was a glowing collision of burning embers; the sky was dyed tangerine orange and pomegranate pink. what a magnificent sight.
you said, “wow, if only you’d take pictures of me the same way you take pictures of the sunset”
but what you don’t know is that:
a million sunsets can never take my breath away like how you do;
your smile will always be warmer than all the corals and indigos combined;
a sunset only lasts for 12 minutes, and i’ve always thought that it was too short. oh but how i wish i could trade a sunset for another 12 minutes in your arms.

i’ll never stop missing you.


ethereal epiphany

tinted windows with warm light seeping through the jagged cracks below each window pane. soft evening glow is reflected by the hues of the setting sun. the flash goes off, capturing the simplicity of the moment. you are typing furiously away at your laptop. pausing for a bit, you glance up and we lock eyes. smiling warmly, with your eyes getting all crescent shaped and crinkly, you questioned me,
“did you just snap a photo of me?”
“am i not allowed to?”
you grin, flashing the briefest of teeth. you stand up and stride towards me, crossing the room in three steps. i am immediately enveloped in a warm hug. chuckling, my voice is muffled by your chest as i asked,
“don’t you have work to complete?”
“yeah, but i miss you”
that was the moment i knew.
that you could become homesick for a person too.

if a home is where people belong, then right in your arms is where i am home.


people hate rain because all they think about is the destruction it brings, the activities it prevents, the fun it obstructs. but they often forget that water is essential for a plant to grow. when droplets fall from the sky, people look up and ask “why?”. if only we took that time to reach our hands out to appreciate the rain in our everyday life; and this is why i reach my hand out to take yours, because you are like rain to me. i can’t help but experience a strange calmness when i’m with you and i don’t know why you are always so misunderstood, i wish the world knew, what exactly i see in you.

telltale signs of rain; the toads have started croaking, the laundry is being brought in, the earthy smell of soil and wet grass, (just like rain, i am falling fast)
starting out as a light drizzle, we intertwined our bodies together, as the rain slowly fell, against the window we heard pitter patter, the rhythms of our hearts joined as one, the slow rise and fall of your chest as i watched you sleep, the rain grew to a downpour, i brushed your hair from your eyes and let out a little sigh, how did i get so lucky?

they say that life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain. i hope you’re not a storm cloud passing through. i would give up all of my sunny days to be with you. (forever)

this happened to me (and i’m still experiencing it everyday)

as dawn approached, crimson splotched the sky. my breath hitched as you put your face close to mine.

you said, “never have i met someone like you” and i thought, “baby i think i might love you too”

we ran from coast to coast, sand beneath our toes. waves crashing, no rushing.

bring me to places i’ve never been before, we’ll create our own adventures; and many more.

you listened to the songs i love, so i listened to yours too.

built up all these walls just for you to knock them down (is our love like lego?)  yes, it is me you have found.

we took polaroids, so when we weren’t around each other, i would have something to fill up the void.

clinging, clinging, desperately, i never want to let you go.