butterfly effect

May 9, 2017 § Leave a comment

the build up of something great, you are the chaos in my head. small changes result in large differences. am i relying too much on you, is this the meaning of dependence? how do i live without you? but the real question is; do i want to?

missing you is my forte

April 28, 2017 § Leave a comment

it was only one month ago
that we were on our tippy toes
comfortable silence and careless kisses
thinking of you during this rainy weather
missing the warmth from your arms
snaked around my waist
we’ve got no time to waste
as every second with you is precious
when did i get so used to this consistency
i’ve never experienced so much emotional stability
as the rain is pouring down
i feel like i am drifting off to sleep
wishing you were here with me
but for now, i’ll miss you until the next time we meet


April 15, 2017 § Leave a comment

people hate rain because all they think about is the destruction it brings, the activities it prevents, the fun it obstructs. but they often forget that water is essential for a plant to grow. when droplets fall from the sky, people look up and ask “why?”. if only we took that time to reach our hands out to appreciate the rain in our everyday life; and this is why i reach my hand out to take yours, because you are like rain to me. i can’t help but experience a strange calmness when i’m with you and i don’t know why you are always so misunderstood, i wish the world knew, what exactly i see in you.

telltale signs of rain; the toads have started croaking, the laundry is being brought in, the earthy smell of soil and wet grass, (just like rain, i am falling fast)
starting out as a light drizzle, we intertwined our bodies together, as the rain slowly fell, against the window we heard pitter patter, the rhythms of our hearts joined as one, the slow rise and fall of your chest as i watched you sleep, the rain grew to a downpour, i brushed your hair from your eyes and let out a little sigh, how did i get so lucky?

they say that life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain. i hope you’re not a storm cloud passing through. i would give up all of my sunny days to be with you. (forever)

lens flare

April 10, 2017 § Leave a comment

shutter speed going
faster than the speed of light
just like how i fell


for you i squinted
my eyes in response to the
bright light which emits


from your smile it is
visible that you truly
are happy with me


i am not a photographer but i want to capture every moment with you

loving in convoluted ways

March 28, 2017 § Leave a comment

we are too alike and they say that you have to be opposites in order to attract but somehow we always connect and i wonder how long are we going to last are you going to end up like one of the men from my past i hope not i hope you’re different i hope my love for you will be sufficient and despite the fact that i constantly feel like i’m not good enough but with you i can get through the times that are rough; this courage that i finally mustered, didn’t want to wear my heart on my sleeve that’s why i’m so reserved; though you are the storm and i am the calm, it feels like you know me like the back of my palm, and people say that hurricanes only create destruction and i think it would be unbearable if one day you looked at me with repulsion; i always tell you to live in the present not the past, i guess i am taking my own advice at last and i know i am not the easiest to please, but right now your eyes seem so hard to resist and i just don’t want our efforts to turn to dust, therefore in you i place my trust so i’m just going to take a leap of faith, that you will hold me even on my lowest days.

loss lingers longer than love lasts

March 19, 2017 § Leave a comment

grasping on to something
how do i let go
if loving more is the remedy
then i would tell you that i love you so

hurt one too many times
so many people that i avoid
if only time could rewind
my feelings might not have been toyed

been weighing my heart down
and feeling bittersweet
since you haven’t been around
i have been feeling tired and beat

tired of always losing things
maybe one day i’ll lose myself too
warning bells will ring
but unfortunately i am a fool for you


October 2, 2016 § Leave a comment

Monday. the sky is overcast and as i looked up, i remember how you always forget to bring an umbrella out. i still think about you when it rains.

Tuesday. as my bus drove past the places we visited, i took a trip down memory lane. oh we were so happy, i hope you still are.

Wednesday. i have almost forgotten how your voice sounds like.

Thursday. they say that people always learn from their mistakes, but i learnt nothing from you.

Friday. i used to buy an extra portion of everything whenever i went to the supermarket. now my purchases are no longer in pairs.

Saturday. there are so many people around me. but none of them is you.

Sunday. lately i’ve been feeling so weak, so set me free.

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